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Should I Buy a Push Lawn Mower or a Riding Lawn Mower?

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When your in the market for your first lawn mower or a replacement lawn mower there are a a few things you should take into consideration for your choice. There are many different brands and types out there but we will be discussing whether to buy a riding lawn mower or a push (also called a walk-behind) lawn mower.

Advantages of a Riding Lawn Mower
There are many advantages a riding mower can can provide over a push mower when performing work around the house. The biggest and most obvious one is that the workload on the operator is much easier with a riding mower. All you have to do is start it up, get comfortable, and start driving err mowing. Another advantage is the use of many different attachments available for riding mowers such as baggers, trailers, sno-plows etc. This means your machine not only helps you keep your grass looking good but can make other jobs around your house much easier and you can get them done much faster.

Advantages of a Push Lawn Mower
Despite what many may think there are also some advantages to having a push mower instead of getting a riding mower. First off is the price difference, a push mower in many cases is will be a whole lot cheaper than forking out the big bucks for a riding mower. A push mower can range anywhere from $150-$500 while a riding mower can cost you somewhere between $650-$12,000. Another thing that a push mower has on its side is its maneuverability. You can easily move it around to get right up next to trees, walls, or any other items that may be in your yard. Also the storage space needed for a push mower will be smaller and allow you to keep more things in your garage or shed or wherever you decide to put it.

Making the Choice
While each type of lawn mower has its pros and cons you will need to consider what will work best for you. Take into account how big your yard is, do you want to mow an entire acre of lawn if you get a push mower? Also consider your budget, can you afford to get a riding mower when you could get by with a push mower? Lastly you should evaluate your physical condition or anything that may effect your ability to be physically able to push your mower around your entire yard or would you rather have a riding mower to take the strain off of yourself?

If you love working on your homes appearance a lawn mower will be one of the best investments you can buy. Big or small, expensive or cheap get what best fits your personal needs. While it is a big decision on what you buy hopefully this will give you something to base your choice off of.

Looking for more information on riding or push mowers? John Deere Mowers [] is one of the top brands nationwide and provide superior performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.

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